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  • What are the main structures of a chain saw?


    The main structures of the chain saw are:     1. Engine-Almost always a two-stroke gasoline (gasoline) internal combustion engine, usually using a cylinder volume of 30 to 120 cm3 or an elec...

  • What are the maintenance techniques for gasoline chain saw products?


    Maintenance skills of gasoline chain saw products:Always ensure that the saw chain is lubricated. The lubrication of the saw chain and guide plate is extremely important for the use of a chain saw. Th...

  • How to repair the chain?


    1: The sharpness of the chain is directly related to the efficiency of the work. The sharpness of the chain should be checked frequently. Once it is frustrated, the saw teeth should be frustrated in ...

  • Does the chain saw need to be run-in before it is used?


    Chain saws need to be fully run-in and debugged before logging operations. The chain saw adopts a two-stroke forced air-cooled gasoline engine. Like other two-stroke engines, the running-in procedure...

  • How to adjust the chain saw weakness?


    A chain saw is a hand saw powered by a gasoline engine. Its main purpose is to log and make timber. Its task principle is to stop the cutting action by the transverse movement of the intertwined L-sh...

  • What are the detailed introductions about chain saw guide plate and saw chain?


    The chain saw guide plate and chain saw chain can be vividly compared to the train and the guide rail. The train jolts and reaches the destination accurately, relying on the support and guidance of t...

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