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  • What is the structure and task principle of the chain saw?


    The power of the chain saw is a two-stroke, single-cylinder, forced-air-cooled gasoline engine. The gasoline engine outputs mechanical power to drive the saw chain to stop high-speed operation along ...

  • What are the important parts of the chain saw engine?


    Of course, the chain saw uses gasoline as an important source of power, of course, the main function is still used for logging. The power part of the chain saw is a gasoline engine. The body of the c...

  • What is the best way to adjust a chain saw carburetor?


    The accuracy of the adjustment of the chain saw carburetor often affects the performance of the chain saw, such as power, emissions, and overturning. The following will introduce how to correctly use...

  • What are the introductions to the use of chain saw oil?


    Chain saws need gasoline, engine oil, and chain saw chain lubricating oil   1. For gasoline, only unleaded gasoline above No. 90 can be used. When adding gasoline, the fuel tank cap and the surround...

  • How to repair the chain saw?


    The maintenance steps of the chain saw:     A: Re-adjust the oil needle, tighten the L needle and loosen it by half a turn, and tighten the H needle and loosen it by a half turn.B: Exhaust air...

  • What are the precautions for the use of gasoline saws?


    Precautions for the use of gasoline saws: 1. Before using the chain saw, you must read the manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual to ensure the safety a...

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