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Hangzhou Longer Sawchain Co.,LTD is a professional China Guide Bar Manufacturers and Wholesale Guide Bar factory, our company was founded in 2007, is located in the scenic of Qiantang River, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees and more than 30 technicians. It has a strong production and R&D team. The company specializes in Custom Guide Bar and other products. In 2012, the company independently developed fully automatic saw chain assembly equipments, and became one of the earliest enterprises in China to have automated saw chain assembly lines. Longer Sawchain Co., ltd has always been striving to provide best sawchain for customers with the tenet of “Quality improving, reputation is worthy of thousands dollars”. We sincerely welcome customers visiting.

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Laminated guide bars demonstrate superior performance or efficiency in certain applications and cutting tasks due to their specific design characteristics. While the choice of guide bar often depends ...

What are the key advantages of using lam...

Laminated guide bars, also known as laminated bars or sprocket-nose bars, offer several advantages compared to traditional solid guide bars in chainsaws and other cutting equipment. Here are key advan...

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Common mistakes when using or maintaining chainsaw chains include: Improper Chain Tension: Failing to maintain proper tension in the chain can lead to premature wear or even chain derailment during o...

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The lamination process stands as a pivotal technique in the creation of laminated guide bars, wielding a transformative influence on their durability, flexibility, and overall performance—particularly...

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Industry Knowledge Development:
A guide bar is a component of a chainsaw that guides the chainsaw blade along a straight path as it cuts through wood. It consists of a metal bar, typically made of steel or aluminum, with a groove on one side that holds the chain. The guide bar is mounted to the chainsaw's powerhead and is connected to the drive sprocket, which rotates the chain around the bar as the chainsaw is running. Guide bars come in a range of lengths, and the length of the bar determines the maximum size of the logs that can be cut with the chainsaw. Longer guide bars can cut through larger logs, while shorter guide bars are better suited for cutting smaller logs or branches.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a guide bar for your chainsaw:
Length: The length of the guide bar should be appropriate for the size of your chainsaw and the type of work you will be doing. A longer bar can make it easier to cut through large logs, but it can also make the chainsaw more cumbersome to handle.
Pitch: The pitch of the chain refers to the distance between the chain's drive links. Make sure to choose a guide bar with the same pitch as your chain.
Gauge: The gauge of the guide bar refers to the width of the groove in which the chain fits. Again, make sure to choose a guide bar with the same gauge as your chain.
Compatibility: Make sure that the guide bar you choose is compatible with your chainsaw. Some brands and models of chainsaws are only compatible with certain guide bar brands or sizes.
Quality: It's important to choose a high-quality guide bar that is well-constructed and durable. A cheap, poorly made guide bar can break or wear out quickly, causing problems for your chainsaw and potentially posing a safety hazard.

A guide bar is a type of component that is used in chainsaws. It is a metal bar that is attached to the chainsaw and extends out from the front of the machine. The guide bar is what the chain runs around as it cuts through wood.
There are a few ways to distinguish a guide bar from other parts of a chainsaw:
Size: Guide bars come in different sizes, and the size of the guide bar is usually indicated by its length. The length of the guide bar is usually measured in inches and is usually written on the bar itself.
Shape: Guide bars are usually long and narrow, with a rectangular cross-section. They have a groove running along the length of the bar that the chain fits into.
Location: The guide bar is located at the front of the chainsaw, attached to the chainsaw body. It extends out from the front of the machine, and the chain runs around it as it cuts through wood.
Function: The primary function of the guide bar is to guide the chain as it cuts through wood. It also helps to support the weight of the chain as it cuts through the wood.

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