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  • How hard is the alloy guide plate?


    The alloy guide plate is an alloy material made of a hard compound of refractory metal and bonding metal through powder metallurgy. This alloy has a series of excellent properties such as high hardnes...

  • Does the chainsaw chain have pros and cons?


    The chainsaw chain is an indispensable auxiliary tool for mechanical power. Since the chain is mostly used in industry, the quality of the chain should be carefully checked. The following briefly tal...

  • What is the introduction of chain saw accessories?


    Automatic oiling device for chain saw accessoriesSimplicity and convenience are what all machinery pursues in the process of use. In the production process, with the continuous update of technology, ...

  • What are the precautions for chain saws?


    Chain saw, short for "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline powered saw". Power saw for logging and timber production. The sawing mechanism is a saw chain. The power part is a gasoline engine. Easy to carr...

  • What are the main structures of a chain saw?


    The main structures of the chain saw are:     1. Engine-Almost always a two-stroke gasoline (gasoline) internal combustion engine, usually using a cylinder volume of 30 to 120 cm3 or an elec...

  • What are the maintenance techniques for gasoline chain saw products?


    Maintenance skills of gasoline chain saw products:Always ensure that the saw chain is lubricated. The lubrication of the saw chain and guide plate is extremely important for the use of a chain saw. Th...

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