• Nose-Replacement Guide Bar For Harvester Saws


    New replaceable sprocket nose bar features a solid-steel body with a sprocket shaped lug to guide oil toward the lubrication groove and help prevent plugging. It also is optimised for a reduction in k...

  • How to Select Harvester Chains


    The chain must be the correct size or pitch to fit on the sprocket. This measurement can be found on the chain drive link or by dividing the distance between three rivets by two. The use of harvester ...

  • Laminated Guide Bar are easier to straighten than solid bars


    The laminated bar that reduces the weight of a chainsaw by up to 15%. It also increases stability and helps reduce kickback. Laminated bars are easier to straighten than solid bars. However, solid ba...

  • Types of Nose-Replaceable Bars


    Features A favorite of professional cutters, these bars have a solid steel body with a nose that can be replaced as it wears. This makes the bar more affordable than a complete new bar and allows you...

  • How to Choose the Right Chainsaw Chains for Your Needs


    Chainsaws are a tool that requires care and understanding to perform well. Different configurations of pitch, gauge and cutter style create chainsaw chains that fit a range of needs and user skill lev...

  • What are the differences between stainless steel chains and galvanized chains in electric saw chains


    Today, the manufacturer of electric saw chains will talk about the difference between stainless steel chains and galvanized chains: galvanized chains are simply understood as coating the surface of th...

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