• What is the structure of an electric chain saw?


    Electric chain saw structure Although there are many different brands and models of electric chain saws, their structure is similar, and they are all in line with ergonomic design principles. Chain br...

  • What chain saw is good? How to choose a chain saw?


    A chain saw is a hand-held saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and timber production. The chain saw is a type of demolition equipment. According to the function and driving...

  • How to repair a broken chain of a chain saw?


    If the chain saw chain is broken, replace it with another chain. 1: Open the saw chain cover and remove it. 2: Observe that there is a screw that can adjust the chain tightness under the saw chain and...

  • How does the chain saw realize the high-speed operation of the saw chain?


    The chain saw uses a two-stroke, single-cylinder, forced-air-cooled gasoline engine as the power, and various sawing tasks are completed by the high-speed operation of the chain saw chain. Let's under...

  • How to choose the right chain saw guide?


    As we all know, the needs of lumberjacks are as diverse as the terrain and environment in which they work. Understand the different types of chain saw guides and choose the right chain guide to comple...

  • What are the order of saw chain teeth?


    The saw chain has three different tooth sequences: Standard tooth sequence: one connecting piece and one blade. Among the three blade sequences, the number of blade teeth is the largest, which can kee...

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