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  • What does chain saw chain 3/8" mean?


    The chain pitch represents the width of each driving bai tooth of the chain, 3/8 is inches converted to metric system is 9.525 mm. The commonly used specifications of chain saw chain dao are large 3/8...

  • What are the precautions for the maintenance of the chain saw head?


    There are certain precautions for the maintenance of the head of the chain saw. Doing good maintenance work can protect the guide plate of the chain saw, so that the chain saw can operate better and c...

  • What is the knowledge of chain saw guide plate and saw chain?


    Chainsaw guides and chainsaw chains can be visually compared to trains and guide rails. Trains run bumpy and reach their destination accurately, relying on the support and guidance of the guide rails....

  • What are the maintenance methods for saws chain?


    1. Always check the air filter of the saw chain to develop good habits The function of the air filter is to filter impurities such as sawdust, dust, etc., to prevent impurities from entering the gas c...

  • How tight is the chain of the chain saw?


    The chain saw is also called a chain saw. It is a portable saw powered by a gasoline engine. It is mainly used for logging and timber production. Its working principle is to rely on the lateral moveme...

  • Automatic oil injection device for oil saw accessories


    Simple and convenient is what all machines pursue in the process of use. In the production process, as the technology continues to update, various more convenient accessories are produced to help the ...

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