What are the grinding methods for chainsaw chains?

The chain saw chain is a closed chain with sawtooth riveted by the saw blade, the transmission chain piece, the connecting piece and the chain shaft. Since the chain saw chain works for a period of time, the tooth blade becomes dull, and the cutting efficiency is reduced, so the chain should be frequently For filing and grinding, the chain that meets the standard should be filed every 4 hours, and the chain of poor quality should be filed more often.

The filing of chainsaw chains can be done by hand with a file, or with a filing saw machine. How to Flip a Chainsaw Chain
1. First, fix the chain on the guide plate.
2. Then keep the correct angle from the direction in front of the body as required, and keep pressing the file to grind forward. 3. Frequently grinding the chain will reduce the sawing surface of the chain, insert the groove rod into the chain, and use a flat file to file off the part that protrudes from the plane.
4. Finally, file the corners into circular arcs, so that the two-point height of the sawtooth is trimmed to 0.64-0.65mm. Commonly used manual files mainly include plate file, knife file and round file. Plate file and knife file are commonly used files for filing straight tooth chains. Round files are mainly used for filing universal chains. The round file is used for digging, and the triangular file is not commonly used. When filing a chain saw, hold the file firmly, hold your wrist hard, and look at the tip of the saw.

In addition to filing the chain saw chain well, check the chain tension frequently, as new chains will need to be adjusted more frequently than chains that have been in service for a longer period of time. The chain saw chain is an important part of the garden machinery chain saw. It is very important to take the maintenance of the chain seriously for the overall performance of the chain saw.
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