What is the special saw chain for sawmills?


Not long ago we were working hard to produce saw chains […]

Not long ago we were working hard to produce saw chains for sawmills. Used for cutting parallel to wood grain. Constructed for marking boards and planks on larger logs using a chain saw driven mill. Cross cutting will produce small chips, while cutting along the grain will produce very long filamentous fiber bundles.
What is different from the standard saw chain: this chain may not look much different from the traditional saw chain, but a closer look will reveal that our saw chain is specially designed with an optimized 10° grinding angle, Rather than the standard 30° grinding angle, this blunt file angle makes tear reduction better than traditional saw chains.
The chain saw wood factory increases the thickness of chrome plating and prolongs the life of the chain. Each chain has our Centri-Lube transmission plates to form an oil distribution system that reduces friction and extends the life of the chain.
404" harvest saw chains

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