How to choose the right chain saw guide?


As we all know, the needs of lumberjacks are as diverse […]

As we all know, the needs of lumberjacks are as diverse as the terrain and environment in which they work. Understand the different types of chain saw guides and choose the right chain guide to complete the work better and faster.
Carved spot welding board
Made of steel, precise shape cutting, used for garden pruning, wood carving fine carving and cutting. Extremely low rebound, light weight and durability. Available in 8" and 12" size configurations.
Small laminate
Inside the rotating sprocket at the top there is a bearing with a rivet structure. When the chain moves along the guide plate, the sprocket teeth quickly wrap the chain around the top, with little friction or reduced cutting speed. 6"-18" sizes are available.
Spot welding board
Lightweight laminates are usually used by chain saw buyers for temporary or semi-professional users. The most commonly used type of guides are 10" to 20" guides. There is a rotating sprocket at the top of the laminate, with four strong Rivet structure.
Milling machine plate (replaceable guide plate)
The replaceable guide comes with a replaceable spare head that can be replaced when worn, without having to replace the entire guide. These guides are specially manufactured for high-speed, heavy-duty chain saws, which are ideal for professional and semi-professional tools, and are available in 13- to 36-inch configurations. Alloy guides
It is formed by laser welding of solid steel and stellite alloy. No moving bearings, no clogging, designed for harsh cutting environments, and often used for drilling and cutting. Because of its good strength and durability, it is usually widely used Professional cutting.
1/4" pitch saw chains

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