What is the knowledge of chain saw guide plate and saw chain?

Chainsaw guides and chainsaw chains can be visually compared to trains and guide rails. Trains run bumpy and reach their destination accurately, relying on the support and guidance of the guide rails. Similarly, the chain bumps move along a straight line at high speed, and also rely on the support and guidance of the guide plate . So, how to support and guide the guide plate? First of all, we know that the shape of the guide plate is a thin plate and an elongated shape. Both front faces have guide rails penetrating the first end. The width of the guide rails has size requirements to complete the support and positioning of the chain. In addition, the straightness of the guide rails also has strict standards , So that the chain can stop linear movement along the guide rail. Both the saw chain and the guide plate "cooperate" with each other to complete all sawing operations of the chain saw. Next, we understand the corresponding size parameters of the two. The following describes the parameters corresponding to the guide bar and saw chain one by one: 1. The width of the guide rail (corresponding to the thickness of the middle guide teeth of the saw chain) (unit: inches; 1 inch = 2.54 cm): divided into 0.043, 0.050, 0.058, 0.063, etc. 2. Guide plate guide wheel tooth pitch (corresponding to the pitch of the saw chain) (unit: inches): divided into 1/4, 0.325, 1/4, 3/8, 0.404, etc. For example, the guide plates used by the 5200 and 5800 chain saws have a guide rail width of 0.058 inches and a guide wheel tooth pitch of 0.325 inches. Other dimensional parameters of the chain saw guide plate also include the depth of the guide rail, the width and length of the teeth at the end of the guide plate, the position and size of the oil injection hole, the position and size of the positioning hole, etc., all of which need to correspond to the installation parts of the chain saw. Most of the guide plates use 65 manganese steel and 50 manganese steel working materials, and the guide plate of 65 manganese steel material is better. There are many brands of guide plates, including loggers, Hangzhou Longer, Auston, Origen and other dozens of brands.
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