What are the maintenance methods for saws chain?

1. Always check the air filter of the saw chain to develop good habits The function of the air filter is to filter impurities such as sawdust, dust, etc., to prevent impurities from entering the gas cylinder, and to avoid serious failures such as pulling the cylinder. In the process of using the chain saw, if there are failures such as fueling flameout, weak work, and overheating of the engine, the biggest reason is that the air filter is too dirty. The engine must be stopped, the air filter must be checked, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. Cleaning method: Use hot soapy water to clean and dry. Attention! During the disassembly and assembly of the air filter, do not allow debris to enter the carburetor. 2. The correct ratio of mixed oil The fuel used by the chain saw is 90# (93#) unleaded gasoline and 2T engine oil according to the volume ratio of 25:1. Too much oil will cause the chain saw to start difficult or unable to start, the exhaust smoke is large, and the work is weak It will also cause insufficient combustion and excessive carbon deposits; too little oil will cause the engine to pull the cylinder. Therefore, the proportion of mixed oil should be matched according to the requirements of 2T engine oil. 3. Precautions for saw chain lubrication Chain saw lubricates the saw chain with saw chain lubricant. In the process of sawing wood, the chain saw provides an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to effectively reduce the frictional heat of the saw chain and the guide plate, and protect the saw chain and the guide plate. The chain saw should be filled with lubricating oil before use. After starting, you should wait for the saw chain oil to be thrown out, and then throw the oil on the ground before working. Saw chains lacking lubricating oil will also be annealed due to the high temperature during operation, resulting in premature scrapping of the saw chain. The specific performance is that the saw teeth are blunt, elongated or even broken in a short period of time. 4. Use and maintenance of saw chain When the sawtooth of the saw chain is not sharp, you should use a round file to trim the sawtooth to ensure the sharpness of the sawtooth. The correct dressing method is: grinding the file in the direction of the sawtooth, only to the file in the direction of the sawtooth, not to pull back, The angle between the file and the saw chain is 30 degrees. If the angle is too large, the saw chain will be more blunt. If the angle is too small, the saw chain will not be durable. The unsharp saw chain will increase the burden on the engine, causing the saw cuts to burn and clip Saws will also cause adverse effects on the guide plate. 5. Normal use and maintenance of chain saw guide During the work, make sure that the saw chain oil is sufficient. |After the work is completed, the guide plate should be maintained. First of all, it is necessary to remove the debris in the groove of the oil inlet guide plate at the root of the chain saw guide plate to ensure the smoothness of the oil inlet hole and the lubrication passage. It should also be checked whether there is debris in the guide head, such as sawdust, dust, etc., and a small amount of engine oil is dripped in the guide head. When working, it should ensure the sharpness of the saw chain. The sharp saw chain and the lubrication of the full saw chain lubricant can increase the service life of the guide plate. The guide plate should be turned over regularly during use, so that both sides of the chain saw guide plate can be fully used to increase the service life of the chain saw guide plate. 1/4" pitch saw chains
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