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  • Operating rules for the safe use of chain saws


    1. Wear work clothes and corresponding labor protection products as required, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, work shoes, etc., and wear brightly colored vests 2. The engine should be tur...

  • How to install the saw chain


    The saw chain is very sharp. To ensure your safety, please wear protective gloves when operating. Steps 1. Loosen the compression knob and remove the compression cover. 2. Install one end of the saw c...

  • Introduction to the basic structure of gasoline saw


    Gasoline saw is generally composed of engine, transmission mechanism, sawing mechanism and so on. During operation, the power drives the saw chain through the traditional mechanism, so that the saw ch...

  • Do you know chainsaw chains? Do you know this chain knowledge?


    First, the composition of the saw chain. The saw chain is made up of left and right teeth, middle guide teeth (also called driving teeth) connecting piece, and rivets. Second, the model of the saw cha...

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