What does chain saw chain 3/8" mean?


The chain pitch represents the width of each driving ba […]

The chain pitch represents the width of each driving bai tooth of the chain, 3/8 is inches converted to metric system is 9.525 mm.
The commonly used specifications of chain saw chain dao are large 3/8, small 3/8, 325, 404, etc. These numbers are the pitch of the chain/2, the larger the pitch, the larger the chain, which is from the chain The pitch is different. The chains with the same pitch are different. The thickness of the guide teeth is 1.6mm, 1.5mm, 1.3mm and other common specifications. The specification numbers on the chain packing box are all English units.
There are also blades with right angles and rounded corners. In fact, the only difference between right angles and rounded corners is that right angled chains seem sharper, but they actually wear faster. Rounded chains don’t look sharp enough for right angled chains, but they are sharper and more Wearable.
For long-term storage of chain saws, the fuel tank must be emptied and cleaned in a well-ventilated area. Always run the engine before the carburetor dries to prevent the carburetor diaphragms from sticking together. Remove the chain saw and guide plate, clean them, and spray with anti-rust oil. Thoroughly clean the equipment, especially the cylinder cooling fins and air filter. If using bio-chain lubricants, fill the lubricant tank.
Even if the chain saw is used and maintained as required, some parts of the power tool will have normal wear and tear, so it must be replaced in time according to the model and usage of the parts. These parts include saw chains, guide plates, transmission components, filters, starting devices, spark plugs and parts for vibration damping systems.
3/8"low profile semi-chisel sawchain

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