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  • What accessories system does the chain saw consist of?


    The accessories system of the chainsaw consists of:1. Control system Including rear handle, front handle, accelerator hook, accelerator trigger, trigger spring, trigger control arm, trigger lock, circ...

  • How much do you understand about chain saw accessories?


    After the chain saw accessories are assembled, they can run to complete the task requirements of sawing trees. The normal operation of the chain saw requires the cooperation of various accessories. Le...

  • Some details to pay attention to when logging chainsaws!


    When using a chain saw, you must use both hands to hold the chain saw firmly, and the right hand to grasp the front handle, even if you are accustomed to left-handed people; when you start working, yo...

  • Determine the order of logging before using the logging chainsaw!


    The forest logging task requires professional operators with technical experience to perform efficient logging tasks. Since the logging environment is in a large forest wood farm, it is easily affecte...

  • 30 points of chain saw knowledge must be mastered!


    To use a chainsaw, you need to master the preliminary knowledge of use. The following 30 points need to be paid attention to:1. The operator must read the manual carefully before operating the machine...

  • Attention! Chainsaw oil use requirements!


    Nowadays, the usage rate of chain saws in garden machinery is getting higher and higher. We all know that the work of chain saws is inseparable from oil. It needs to use engine oil, gasoline and chain...

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