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  • How to select the saw chain?


    One pitchPitch is the center hole spacing of any three rivets on the saw chain divided by 2, generally divided into 1/4", 0.325", 3/8" profile (small 3/8"), 3/8" (large 3/8 "), 0.404". Second guide to...

  • What are the precautions for chain saws?


    1. Check the tension of the saw chain frequently, turn off the engine and wear protective gloves when checking and adjusting. When the tension is appropriate, the chain can be pulled by hand when the ...

  • What are the introductions about saw chains?


    Saw chain structureThe saw chain generally consists of four parts, including the cutter head, the guide tooth, the connecting piece and the rivet. The cutter head is divided into left and right cutter...

  • What is the Hall element application of chainsaw?


    The electric saw, also known as the "electric saw", was invented by Andrias Steele of Germany in 1926, which greatly saved the time and manpower for cutting materials. Electricity uses electricity to ...

  • How to distinguish the chain saw guide plate?


    There are many specifications of chain saw guide plates, which must be distinguished. It also depends on the model of the product, corresponding to the corresponding zhi chain and guide plate paramete...

  • How many specifications are there for chainsaw chains?


    3 Specifications. Saw chain parameters mainly include pitch, middle guide tooth thickness, and cutter tooth shape. 1. Pitch: The pitch of the saw chain is the distance between 3 rivets dao divided by ...

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