How to Get a CE Sawchain?

A CE sawchain is a saw that has been tested, approved, and marked. These certificates are usually valid for five years and are used to put the CE-mark on chainsaws and to sign the EC declaration of conformity. There are several different ways to get a CE sawchain. Read on to learn more about how to get one.

Some saw chains have special features that prevent kickback. For example, STIHL's MS 193 C-E saw chain has a special vibration-reduction system that uses specially designed rubber springs to reduce vibration by up to 40%. The chain is also designed with a 0.35% carbon content, enabling it to be used in hardwood applications. It also has lower friction, ensuring a longer life for the chain and less fuel consumption.

Chain saw chains are available in two styles: chisel and ripping. Ripping chain is designed to cut with the grain of wood. It is sharpened to ten or fifteen degrees and is intended for use in saw mills. Another chain type is the semi-chisel, which has round teeth. The semi-chisel chain is often overlooked but is sharper and more forgiving under dirty conditions.

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