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  • How to use an electric chain saw


    Electric chain saws shall comply with relevant national regulations.The operator must be familiar with the performance and operating methods of the electric chain saw, and be able to correctly operate...

  • How Lithium-Ion Batteries Work


    Lithium-Ion batteries are used in a wide range of devices from laptops to cell phones. They charge faster and last longer than traditional battery technology.When charging, the lithium ions are releas...

  • How to Choose the Right Harvester Chain?


    If you are looking for a new chainsaw, there are a few things to consider before you buy. You need to think about the type of wood you want to cut and the overall design of the saw. Choosing the corre...

  • What Is a Saw Chain?


    A saw chain is a metal loop which swings from underneath the saw to the operator's hand. It is made of three main elements: drive links, segments, and teeth. Each segment contains a pair of beveled cu...

  • Laminated Guide Bar - The Best Option For Cost Conscious Homeowners!


    Using a Laminated Guide Bar is a good way to cut down on weight without sacrificing durability. It's also a good way to save on your wallet by not having to purchase an entire new guide bar every time...

  • What is the knowledge of STIHL Nose-Replacement Guide Bar?


    STIHL guide bars are optimised for a reduction in kickback. The new heavy duty nose design features six rivets. The sprocket on top of the bar has an extra long shape which directs wear away from the ...

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