Types of Nose-Replaceable Bars

A favorite of professional cutters, these bars have a solid steel body with a nose that can be replaced as it wears. This makes the bar more affordable than a complete new bar and allows you to have a fresh nose to start each cutting job. These bars are machined from a single piece of rigid metal and feature a sealed nose sprocket that keeps dirt and corrosive material out of the critical nose-sprocket area, eliminating the need for greasing. The bars are also induction hardened for long life and have angled oil delivery holes to increase flow and reduce clogging. These bars have a high risk of kickback and should be used by trained professionals only. Includes replacement sprocket nose tip and rivet. Requires a drill or punch to remove rivet.
Typically made of one solid piece of machined steel with a replaceable sprocket nose, these bars are designed for high-speed, heavy duty saws used by professional and semi-professional saw users. They are stronger and more durable than laminated bars and are designed to withstand a greater degree of kickback than other bar styles. The sprocket nose is sealed to keep out dirt and corrosive material, and the bar and nose are induction hardened to ensure long life. These bars have a higher potential for kickback than other types of bar and should be used by trained professionals only. These bars require a drill or punch to remove rivets for replacement of the nose tip.
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