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  • What are the precautions for maintenance of the chain saw bar head?


    There are certain precautions for the maintenance of the chain saw's guide bar head. Do a good job of maintenance to protect the chain saw's guide bar, so that the chain saw can operate better and com...

  • What are the basic structures of a gasoline saw?


    The gasoline saw is generally composed of an engine, a transmission mechanism, and a sawing mechanism. During operation, the power drives the saw chain through the traditional mechanism, so that the s...

  • Do you know about chainsaw chains? Do you know these saw chain knowledge?


    The saw chain is an indispensable part of the chain saw. Without the chain, the chain saw cannot work and cannot be called a saw. It's just an engine, but there are many people who don't know much abo...

  • How to maintain the saw chain?


    After the saw chain is used for a period of time, the blade head will become blunt. At this time, you need to use a professional file to repair the file. Different saw chains have different file sizes...

  • How to select the saw chain?


    One pitchPitch is the center hole spacing of any three rivets on the saw chain divided by 2, generally divided into 1/4", 0.325", 3/8" profile (small 3/8"), 3/8" (large 3/8 "), 0.404". Second guide to...

  • What are the precautions for chain saws?


    1. Check the tension of the saw chain frequently, turn off the engine and wear protective gloves when checking and adjusting. When the tension is appropriate, the chain can be pulled by hand when the ...

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