What is the method of pruning branches with chainsaw?


1. When pruning, cut the mouth first, and then cut the mouth to prevent the saw from being caught.

2. When cutting, the branches below should be cut first. Heavy or large branches should be cut in sections.

3. When operating, hold the operating handle tightly with your right hand, and hold your left hand on the handle naturally, with your arms as straight as possible. The angle between the machine and the ground cannot exceed 60 degrees, but the angle cannot be too low, otherwise it is not easy to operate.

4. In order to avoid damaging the bark, rebounding of the machine or being clamped by the saw chain, first cut a load-relief incision on the lower side when cutting thick bark, that is, cut an arc-shaped incision under the end of the guide plate.

5. If the diameter of the branch exceeds 10 cm, first perform pre-cutting, and perform unloading incision and cutting incision at about 20 to 30 cm of the required incision, and then cut it there with a branch saw.


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