What are the classification and safe operation procedures of chain saws?



Chain saws are divided into different sources based on the same reason: gasoline saws, electric saws, pneumatic saws, and hydraulic saws. The advantages and disadvantages of these four power chain saws are obvious:
Gasoline saw: strong mobility, suitable for mobile work in the field. But it is noisy, troublesome to maintain, and generates more heat.
Electric chain saw: stable power, quick start, heavier than other saws. But if the line is too long, it will be inconvenient to move.
Pneumatic chain saw: safe and pollution-free, low noise, light weight. However, an air compressor must be attached, which increases the floor area and is restricted by conditions.
Hydraulic chain saw: full power, but slow start, stable work. The hydraulic pump station has a smaller volume than an air compressor. higher cost.



Safe operating procedures

1. Wear work clothes and corresponding labor protection products as required, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, work shoes, etc., and wear brightly colored vests.
2. The engine should be turned off during machine transportation.
3. The engine must be turned off before refueling. When there is no fuel when the engine is warming up during work, stop it for 15 minutes and refuel after the engine has cooled down.
4. Check the operational safety status before starting.
5. When starting, keep a distance of more than three meters from the refueling place. Do not use in a confined room.
6. Do not smoke when using the machine or near the machine to prevent fire.
7. When working, be sure to hold the machine steady with two hands, stand firm, and watch out for the danger of slipping.

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