From what aspects can the saw chain be maintained?


Maintenance is carried out from the following aspects:

1. Always pay attention to adding lubricating oil;
2. Keep the cutting edge sharp and the symmetry of the left and right cutting teeth;
3. Adjust the tension of the saw chain frequently, not too tight or too loose. After adjusting the saw chain, when the chain saw chain is lifted up, there is only one middle guide tooth completely exposed to the guide plate slot;
4. Clean and clean the guide plate groove and the dirt of the saw chain in time, because the guide plate and the saw chain will be worn during sawing, and the worn iron filings and fine sand will accelerate the wear, and the colloids on the trees, especially the grease on the pine trees. , During the sawing process, the heat and melting will adhere to the saw chain, making each joint sealed, hard, and oil can't get in, can't be lubricated, and it will accelerate wear. It is recommended to remove the saw chain after daily use and soak it in kerosene for cleaning.


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