What types of chainsaws can be divided into according to the same source?

According to the same source, chain saws are divided into: gasoline saws, electric saws, pneumatic saws, and hydraulic saws. The advantages and disadvantages of these four types of power chain saws are obvious:

Gasoline saw: strong mobility, suitable for field mobile work. However, it is noisy, troublesome to maintain, and generates more heat.

Electric chainsaw: stable power, quick start, bulkier than other saws. But if the line is too long, it will be inconvenient to move.

Pneumatic chainsaw: safe and pollution-free, with low noise and light weight. However, an air compressor must be attached, which increases the floor space and is subject to conditions.

Hydraulic chainsaw: The power is sufficient, but the start-up is slow and the work is stable. The volume of the hydraulic pump station is smaller than that of the air compressor, and the cost is higher.
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