What is the fuel ratio of the chainsaw?

Chainsaw fuel ratio:

The fuel used is a mixture of gasoline and engine oil, and the mixture ratio is: Two-stroke special engine oil: gasoline = 1:50 (ordinary engine oil: gasoline = 1:25)

The gasoline should be No. 90 or above, and the oil should be two-stroke engine oil. The symbol is 2T. Be sure to use brand-name special oil.

It is recommended that the new machine should be equipped with 1:40 (ordinary oil 1:20) in the first 30 hours, and the normal ratio of 1:50 (ordinary oil 1:25) after 30 hours. 25), otherwise the concentration will be too thin, which will cause the machine to pull the cylinder.

Please dispense oil strictly according to the oil dispenser attached to the machine, and do not dispense oil at will.

The mixed oil is best to be used now, and it is strictly forbidden to use the mixed oil that has been set for a long time; before the machine works, run it at a low speed for a few minutes to see if the saw chain oil is lubricated to form an oil line, and then work. When the machine is working, use the throttle on high speed.

The mixing method is to first pour the oil into a fuel tank that allows fuel, then pour the gasoline, and mix it evenly. The gasoline-oil mixture will age, and the general configuration should not exceed one month's use.

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