Will you solve these problems when chain saws encounter these problems?


Chain saw is the abbreviation of gasoline saw chain or gasoline powered saw. It is a powered saw used for logging and timber production. The chain saw engine is a two-stroke engine. The fuel used is a mixture of engine oil and gasoline. The fuel configuration should not be randomly matched, and the fuel must be matched strictly in accordance with the fuel dispenser attached to the machine. The mixed oil must be prepared for immediate use, and the mixed oil that has been configured for a long time cannot be used. The following article will give you a specific introduction to the common knowledge of chain saws, and I hope it will be helpful to you.



First, what is the reason why the chain saw cannot be started?

1. Check the oil circuit and circuit, check whether the oil filter is blocked, whether the carburetor is pumping oil normally, whether the spark plug has electricity, remove the spark plug and place the top on the metal, and pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity. of.

2. Remove the air filter and check whether the air filter is clean by the way.

3. Remove the carburetor, and then drop some oil into the cylinder, and then start the machine a few times. If you can’t get it, check if it’s time to clean the carburetor or replace it with a new one, and finally check the cylinder. Teach you a way to maintain the machine. If you do not use the machine for a long time in the future, you must pour the oil out of the tank. Start the machine to burn out the oil in the carburetor and cylinder, so as not to block the carburetor with residual oil. Clean the air filter more often, and the lubricating oil must be better.

Second, what is the cause of the chain saw stalling?

There are generally two situations:

1. Sudden flameout: The filterability of the carburetor is not good, and the L screw of the carburetor needs to be readjusted.

2. Idle flameout: gas leak or carburetor adjustment does not match.

What should I do if the chain saw stalls?

First of all, let's talk about the basic maintenance ideas of chain saws: oil circuit, circuit, cylinder.

The oil circuit includes: carburetor, gasoline filter, oil pipe, equalizer, oil pipe intake pipe, etc.

The circuit includes: magnetic flywheel igniter, coil/high voltage, spark plug.

Cylinder: piston, piston ring, cylinder.

The next step is to analyze and repair steps based on the cause.

Step 1: we can manually pull the chain saw to see the overall operating status, and at this time, we can judge according to the damage information: whether there is a stuck cylinder (if you have experience, you can indirectly judge whether there is shrinkage or pulling the cylinder), and whether there is abnormal noise (It can be judged whether the magnetic flywheel and crankshaft are damaged), whether there is any problem with the starting assembly, and replace or maintain the parts according to the actual situation.

Step 2: Determine the circuit. Remove the spark plug (the spark plug is under the air filter cover), and check whether the spark plug can deposit carbon and whether the contact is normal. Make the spark plug discharge locally to contact the cylinder or the crankcase to conduct electricity and pull the chain saw. At this time, you can check the circuit, such as whether there is electricity, the size of the electricity and the discharge distance. This step can check whether the spark plug, coil and igniter are normal.

Step 3: Block the cylinder spark plug with your fingers, and pull the pull plate to check whether the cylinder can pull the cylinder. Or remove the muffler and check from the cylinder muffler to see if the piston has a pull mark on the cylinder.

Step 4: Check the oil circuit. Remove and clean the carburetor, adjust the carburetor pointer appropriately according to the condition, unscrew the fuel cap, check the fuel filter, and check whether the fuel pipe, intake pipe, etc. are damaged.

Under normal conditions, the results can be processed by replacing or maintaining the parts of the chain saw with a good performance.

In addition, oil seal damage, negative pressure pipe (equalizing air pipe), magnetic flywheel and crankshaft, crankcase, equalizer deposits are rare conditions, and can be considered when the above steps cannot be resolved.

Third, the storage method of the chain saw not used for a long time

If we do not use the chain saw for a long time, please keep it according to the following methods before placing it, which can extend the service life of the chain saw;

1. Thoroughly clean the entire chain saw, especially the cylinder heat sink and air filter of the chain saw, and wipe the surface of the chain saw with a cloth moistened with oil.

2. Put the chain saw to empty the gasoline tank in a ventilated place and clean it.

3. Dry the chain saw carburetor, otherwise the pump film of the chain saw carburetor will stick, which will affect the next startup.

4. Empty the fuel in the chain saw fuel tank, then start the chain saw engine, and let the chain saw engine work until it automatically turns off.

5. Remove the chain and guide plate of the chain saw, clean and inspect, and spray protective oil.

6. Fill up the oil tank of the chain saw chain.

7. Remove the spark plug of the chain saw, and pour a little engine oil into the cylinder. After pulling the engine 2-3 times with the chain saw starting rope, install the chain saw spark plug and pull the chain saw starting rope again to stop it at a position where it feels strong (compression top dead center).

8. Place the chain saw engine in a dry, well-ventilated location, away from heat or open flames.

9. The chain saw should be kept in a dry and safe place to prevent unrelated persons from using it (such as children).

10. If the chain saw is not used for a long time, use a brush to clean the chain of the chain saw, and then place it in the oil pool for storage.

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