What are the precautions for chain saws?

Chain saw, short for "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline powered saw". Power saw for logging and timber production. The sawing mechanism is a saw chain. The power part is a gasoline engine. Easy to carry and easy to operate. However, maintenance and repair are more complicated.



1. The recommended fuel mixing ratio is 20:1 to 15:1 (high-quality air-cooled two-stroke engine oil must be used for mixing), and 10%~30% diesel oil (kerosene or light oil) should be added to the lubricating oil of the saw chain. ) Use after mixing to ensure proper concentration. The proportion should be determined according to the amount of oil sprayed by the saw chain and the degree of addition, but should be controlled within the range of 10% to 30%.
The rotating speed at idling speed should be adjusted to 2500~3000 rpm, while the idling speed at normal temperature is 2000 rpm.

2. The idling speed should be adjusted to 2500~3000 rpm, while the idling speed at room temperature is 2000 rpm. Generally, two-stroke machinery fuel is mixed with steam engine oil (the engine oil is the special engine oil for two-stroke engines), and the ratio is standard. The steam-engine oil ratio is about 25:1, depending on the conditions of use. If it is not used for a long time High-speed operation can increase the concentration appropriately. If the high-speed rotation is often maintained during use, the concentration should be appropriately reduced, and more oil should be added to ensure the normal lubrication of the internal running parts of the cylinder, but the muffler should be removed in time and the exhaust gas should be removed. The carbon deposits in the channel can prevent excessive carbon deposits from entering the cylinder body and causing the cylinder to be pulled.
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