What are the performance parameters of the motorized chain saw and how to use the motorized chain saw?


1. Performance Parameters of Motor Chain Saw Uses: Main […]

1. Performance Parameters of Motor Chain Saw Uses: Mainly used for demolishing wooden components at rescue sites.
Composition: It is composed of engine (including switch, start cord, air valve, throttle, throttle lock, pressure reducing valve), chain saw, operating handle, brake handle, fuel tank, etc. Performance: single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled engine, fuel is (50:1) ratio of gasoline: engine oil, speed 12,500 rpm, maximum cutting length 500mm.
1) Easy to use: The machine adopts single-person portable operation and light weight.
2). Wide range of operations: It can cut coal seams, rocks, concrete, reinforced concrete, pipes, masonry, stones and other stones, wood. Its long and narrow cutting arm can penetrate blind holes or through holes up to 500 mm. One-time molding operation is not limited. The minimum cutting square hole is: length × width = 120 × 120 mm.
3) Pollution-free: Wet cutting is adopted, and the water jet is sprayed from the saw board at high speed directly to the saw chain and the cutting object without any dust.
4) High safety: The host is equipped with multiple protection devices to prevent personal injury, and any failure of the machine can ensure that people are not injured. In addition, when the flushing water pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, the chain saw will automatically stop working to prevent high temperature and sparks.
5) High technological content: The main driving components adopt the best international high-speed motor, which runs smoothly and with high efficiency; the saw chain cutter head adopts diamond sintering technology, and adopts laser welding, which has long life, high cutting speed and low price.
6) The operation of the host is ergonomic: the machine is equipped with an ingenious booster frame, which automatically converts the forward thrust of the operator into the downward cutting force of the saw chain, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.



2. The use of motor chain saw
1) Before use, check the safety technology status.
2) Wear personal protective equipment such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, and work shoes during operation.
3) When cutting, it is not allowed to erect, wedge or block the cutter wheel.
4) In actual operation, both hands should hold the front and rear handles firmly and buckle the throttle trigger to make the chain rotate at high speed. The serrated cutter must be perpendicular to the cut surface of the object to be cut. During use, if there is abnormal vibration, stop immediately After finding out the original calendar, you can continue to use it after eliminating it.
5) Under no-load conditions, the machine is strictly prohibited from running at high speed, and the engine is not allowed to rotate at high speed for a long time, so as to prevent the saw blade from flying out and hurting people.
6) When the muffler is in use and after use, the temperature is high for a period of time, and it is strictly forbidden to touch it. 7) The tightness of the chain and the chain plate should not be too tight or too loose.
8) Pay attention to the rebound effect of the guide plate when using the chain saw.
9). Clean immediately after use, replenish fuel, and replace the chain saw blade.

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