What are the main structures of a chain saw?

The main structures of the chain saw are:



1. Engine-Almost always a two-stroke gasoline (gasoline) internal combustion engine, usually using a cylinder volume of 30 to 120 cm3 or an electric motor.


2. Drive mechanism-usually use centrifugal clutch, sprocket.


3. Guide rod-wear-resistant alloy steel with round ends is usually a slender rod 16 to 36 inches long. The side groove guides the cutting chain. Professional loop-style bars, called bow bars, are also used for logging and cleaning during a contrarian, although they are now rarely encountered due to increased operational hazards.


4. Cutting chain-usually in each segment of this industrial chain (its structure is similar to the riveted metal part of a bicycle chain, but without rollers), with small and sharp cutting teeth. Each tooth needs to be in the form of a folding tab with sharp or curved corners and two cutting edges on the top plate and a chrome-plated steel on the side plate. Alternation in the chain of teeth of the left and right hands. Chains come in different pitches and pressure gauges; the spacing of the sprocket is defined as spanning half the length of any three consecutive rivets (for example, 0.325 inches), and the thickness of the pressure gauge drive connecting rod, which is embedded in the guide rod ( For example, 0.05 inches). The traditional "complete" industrial chain has one tooth for every two drive links. "Skip" chain teeth are connected every three drives. The depth gauge made of each tooth "rake" rides ahead of the limit of the cutting depth of the tooth, usually about 0.025". The safety interlocking operation of the depth gauge is crucial, if too high, they will result in very slow cutting away, if submitted A chain that is too low will become easier to kick back. It will also cause violent vibrations of the low-depth scale saw. The vibration is not only uncomfortable to operate, but also unfavorable to saw. The bottom of each link is equipped with a small metal finger called the "drive link" "Locate the bar on the chain to help the lubricating oil around the bar, with the saw inside the body of the engine's drive sprocket. The engine drive chain consists of a centrifugal clutch around the track, which engages in power under the chain, but allows its engine to idle. stop
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