Up posture, the use of chainsaws that you are easily overlooked are all here!

When many users use the chainsaw, they tend to ignore some small problems, which leads to such and such failures. Today, Hangzhou Longer Sawchain Co.,LTD will tell you what other small details should not be ignored when using chainsaws.

1. Use reliable lubricating oil
For chain saw use, lubrication of the chain and guide bar is very important. The chain must always have a small amount of oil thrown out, never work without the chain being lubricated. If the chain runs dry, the cutting tool can quickly become damaged beyond repair.

2. Operation method
Be sure to check the lubrication of the chain before starting work, and fill up the chain lubricating oil every time you add fuel. It must be ensured that every time the fuel is used up, there is still a little remaining lubricating oil in the chain lubricating oil tank. If the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank does not decrease, it may be caused by the blockage of the lubricating oil passage. At this time, check the lubrication of the chain and clean the oil circuit.

3. Regular inspection
Check the tension of the chain frequently, a new chain will need to be tightened more frequently than a chain that has been in service for a longer period of time.

Generally, in the cold machine state, the chain is engaged on the underside of the guide plate but can still be moved along the guide plate with the screwdriver, indicating that the tension is correct. After reaching a certain temperature, the chain expands and begins to relax. Do not allow the drive links on the underside of the guide bar to come out of the guide groove, otherwise the saw chain will fall off. Tighten the chain again if necessary. As it cools, the chain contracts. Loosen the chain at this time, otherwise the crankshaft and bearings will be damaged.

Operation method:
1. When starting, gently pull up the starter handle by hand until it reaches the stop position, then pull it quickly and firmly while pressing down on the front handle.
NOTE: DO NOT pull the start cord as far as it will go, or you may pull it off.
2. Do not let the starter handle spring back freely, guide it back into the case slowly so that the starter cord can be rolled up well.

1. After the engine has been running at maximum throttle for a long time, it needs to be idling for a period of time in order to cool the air flow and release most of the heat in the engine. This avoids thermal overloading of engine-mounted components (ignition, carburetor).
2. If the engine power drops significantly during use, the air filter may be dirty. Remove the carburetor cap, take out the air filter, clean the dirt around the filter, separate the two parts of the filter, and dust the filter with the palm of your hand, or blow it from the inside out with a hair dryer.

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