Will you solve all these problems encountered during the use of the chainsaw(1)?

We all know that the chain saw will encounter such and other problems after using it for a long time. For example, the chain saw cannot be sawed down or the tree cannot be sawed, the carburetor does not absorb oil, the accelerator cannot be added, etc., then the chain saw will encounter problems during use Do you solve all these problems? Below we will analyze it for you.

1. The chain saw is fast but can't cut down?
The sharpness of the blade is only a condition, and the teeth should be staggered and slightly offset in different directions, so that the front kerf will not affect the feed of the rear blade. Otherwise, the kerf will be too narrow, and the blade behind it will get stuck, making it impossible to cut through.

2. What is the reason why the chainsaw does not enter the tree?
Check to see if the chain saw blade has a curled edge, and file it flat if there is one. Then there may be a problem with the chain file of the chain saw. If you are a novice, you must file the sharpest corner of the chain quickly when filing the chain, so that there will be no sawing failure, and no sawing. Deviated.

3. How does the oil pump of the chainsaw work?
The working principle of the oil pump of the chain saw: the vortex rod drives the turbine to rotate, and the principle of volume ratio is used to form a negative pressure in the oil tank. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the oil is pressed into the oil pipe and transported to the guide plate and the chain. The oil pump assembly of the chain saw is a large part of the lubrication system of the two-stroke chain saw. It provides oil to the chain and guide plate running at high speed, so as to prevent excessive heat generated by friction during operation, resulting in the chain guide plate temperature of the chain saw being too high and decreasing. work efficiency. The lubrication task of the chain saw engine is performed by the two-stroke oil in the fuel.

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