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  • Will you solve these problems when chain saws encounter these problems?


    Chain saw is the abbreviation of gasoline saw chain or gasoline powered saw. It is a powered saw used for logging and timber production. The chain saw engine is a two-stroke engine. The fuel used is a...

  • How to repair the chain saw if it fails to start?


    Gasoline chain saws are abbreviated as chain saws. They are generally used for forest harvesting, timber making, branching, etc., as well as timber yard production, railway sleeper sawing and other op...

  • What are the related introductions of the chain?


    The chain is generally a metal link or ring, which is mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. Chain-shaped objects used to obstruct traffic passages (such as in streets, rivers or harbor...

  • How to deal with the failure of logging saw?


    If the chain saw is refueling and stalling, working less vigorously, or overheating the heating machine, it is generally a filter problem. Therefore, the filter should be inspected before work. A clea...

  • How to maintain the chain?


    Chain maintenance steps:   1. The sprocket should be installed on the shaft without skew or swing. In the same transmission assembly, the end faces of the two sprockets should be in the same plane. W...

  • How to maintain the chain saw chain?


    The top priority of chain saw maintenance is the saw chain. A properly maintained and sharpened saw chain can be easily cut into wood with little pressure. During daily maintenance, pay attention to c...

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