Does the chainsaw chain have pros and cons?

Summary: The chainsaw chain is an indispensable auxiliary tool for mechanical power. Since the chain is mostly used in industry,...
The chainsaw chain is an indispensable auxiliary tool for mechanical power. Since the chain is mostly used in industry, the quality of the chain should be carefully checked. The following briefly talk about what work does the appearance of the chain include? The visual inspection of the chain mainly includes whether the inner and outer links of the chain are deformed and rusted, and secondly, are the pins loose and rusty?



When using the chainsaw chain, pay attention to loosen the knob of the pressing device and remove the pressing cover. Set one end of the electric saw chain on the sprocket, and the other end of the saw chain is sleeved on the guide plate, and the middle guide tooth just fits into the guide groove of the guide plate. Note: The teeth of the chain face forward! Install the guide plate on the rechargeable chainsaw. The rechargeable electric saw has a device for adjusting the tension of the chain. When installing the guide plate, the adjustment block must be inserted into the positioning adjustment hole at the end of the guide plate. Install the compression cover on the guide plate and turn the compression knob clockwise. Turn the chain tensioning knob to adjust the tension of the chainsaw. The adjustment standard is: lift the chain in the middle of the guide plate by hand to expose the middle guide teeth. Tighten the compression knob, and the chain saw guide plate and chain are installed. Caution for use:


The new chain will be stretched at the beginning of its use. Please check it frequently and adjust it to the proper tension, because the loose chain length is easy to derail, which may cause rapid wear of the chainsaw chain and guide plate. The chain must be stuck on the sprocket. After installation, please check again.


The old chain cannot be mixed with part of the new chainsaw chain, otherwise it is easy to produce shocks in the transmission and break the chain. The chainsaw chain should be filled with lubricating oil in time during work. Lubricating oil must enter the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear. The use of chain drive is a science, we must sum up the experience in the use, it is the equipment to give play to its special ability, save money for the company, and achieve greater benefits.
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