How to select the saw chain?


One pitch Pitch is the center hole spacing of any three […]

One pitch
Pitch is the center hole spacing of any three rivets on the saw chain divided by 2, generally divided into 1/4", 0.325", 3/8" profile (small 3/8"), 3/8" (large 3/8 "), 0.404".

Second guide tooth thickness
The thickness of the middle guide tooth is the key dimension to cooperate with the guide plate, generally divided into 0.043", 0.050", 0.058", 0.063"

Three saw chain length
The length of the saw chain is not its physical length, but the number of guide teeth in it.
In this way, the basic parameters of the chain can be determined.
Of course, the selection of the chain is also related to the shape of the cutter head. Generally, it is divided into rounded and right-angled cutters. The cutting speed of the right-angled cutter is fast, but it needs to be repaired frequently. The cutting speed of the rounded cutter is not as fast as that of the right-angled cutter. Not to be dull.

Generally, retailers will sell fixed-length chains. After confirming the above information, they can buy the chains they need.


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