How to install the saw chain

The saw chain is very sharp. To ensure your safety, please wear protective gloves when operating. Steps 1. Loosen the compression knob and remove the compression cover. 2. Install one end of the saw chain on the sprocket, and the other end of the saw chain on the guide plate. The middle guide teeth just fit into the guide plate guide groove. Note: The teeth of the chain are facing forward! 3. Install the guide plate to the charging chainsaw. Note: The charging chainsaw has a device to adjust the tension of the chain. When the guide plate is installed, the adjustment block must be stuck into the positioning adjustment hole at the end of the guide plate. 4. Install the compression cover on the guide plate, and turn the compression knob clockwise. 6. Turn the chain tension knob to adjust the tension of the chain. The adjustment standard is: use a hand to lift the chain in the middle of the guide plate, and 3 or 4 middle guide teeth can be exposed. 7. Tighten the compression knob, the chain saw guide plate and the chain are installed Precautions 1. The new chain will be stretched in the early stage of use. Please check and adjust it to the proper tension frequently, because the loose chain length is easy to derail, which may cause rapid wear of the chain and guide plate. 2. The chain must be stuck on the sprocket. After installation, please check it again.
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