Does the chain saw need to be run-in before it is used?

Chain saws need to be fully run-in and debugged before logging operations. The chain saw adopts a two-stroke forced air-cooled gasoline engine. Like other two-stroke engines, the running-in procedure can stabilize the engine's performance and prolong its service life.



We follow the following procedures for chain saw debugging and chain saw running-in.


First. Remove the spark plug, pour 3-5ml two-stroke gasoline engine oil into the cylinder, then install the spark plug, and gently pull the starter 5-6 times to distribute the oil evenly.


Second. Proportioning fuel (the chain saw must not use pure gasoline) The fuel used by the chain saw is a mixture of gasoline and special oil for two-stroke gasoline engines in a certain proportion. Fuel mixing ratio (calculated by volume), 20:1 for the first 10 hours of the new machine (25:1 for normal use).


Third. Start the chain saw and debug it. Before debugging, check whether all fasteners have been tightened.
1). Add fuel and tighten the cap firmly.
2) Turn on the circuit switch.
3). Hold the trigger control arm and pull the trigger. Press the lock button on the side, and then release the trigger to make it in the starting position. Pull out the damper adjustment lever so that it is in the "closed" position.
4) Pull the start handle. When the engine is turned on and turned off, push the damper back to the "open" position, and then pull the start handle again to start the engine.
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