What is the hazard of filling up a chain saw?


When refueling the chain saw, some people find it troublesome and often fill it up at a time. This is not good for the chain saw itself. The chain saw has a standard for refueling, not the more the better.

After the engine of the chain saw works, the gasoline will be heated and expanded, coupled with mechanical vibration, if the fuel tank is overfilled, the gasoline will overflow from the fuel tank cap, which wastes fuel and easily causes a fire. So it can only be added to about 90% of the fuel tank volume.

When the oil in the oil pan is added too much, many chainsaw brand chainsaw oil will rush into the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, which not only increases the oil consumption, but also easily causes speed accidents. In addition, too much oil will increase the resistance of connecting rods and crankshafts and increase power loss. Therefore, the oil in the oil pan should be added between the upper and lower engraved lines of the oil dipstick.

The oil in the air filter disc of the chain saw should be added to the engraved position. If it is added too much, the oil will be sucked into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, which may easily cause carbon deposits and cause oil runaway accidents.

The inner cavity of the wheel hub of the chain saw is large, mainly for heat dissipation. If the wheel hub is filled with grease when the rolling bearing is installed, it will increase the running resistance and will also affect the braking performance due to the heat and the thinning of the grease. Therefore, it is enough to apply some grease on the rolling bearing to maintain "empty hub lubrication".

Filling up the oil with a chain saw will save trouble, but it will be counterproductive. Remember that trouble is often the source of trouble.


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