What is the Hall element application of chainsaw?


The electric saw, also known as the "electric saw", was […]

The electric saw, also known as the "electric saw", was invented by Andrias Steele of Germany in 1926, which greatly saved the time and manpower for cutting materials. Electricity uses electricity to cut wood, stone, steel, and other cutting tools, with sharp teeth on the blade. It is fixed, light and portable. The saw blade is generally made of tool steel, round steel, strip, chain, etc. In 1926, the ancestors of Andreas. Steele, a small town in Stuttgart, installed a pre-combustion device for a steam boiler. In 1959, Andreas was called "the father of chainsaws." In 1971, his company produced 340,000 chainsaws a year, regaining the throne of the world's first chainsaw king. Although there are many different brands and models of chainsaws, their structure is basically the same and conforms to the design principles of ergonomics.
Brake-also called chain brake, used to quickly stop the chain rotation device, mainly used for emergency electric saw braking, is one of its safety functions.


Saw chain gears, also called sprockets, are used to drive the toothed part of the saw chain. The wear of the saw chain must be checked before use and replaced in time.
Front handle-the handle installed on the front of the saw, also called the side handle. The front handle baffle, also known as the safety baffle, is installed in front of the front handle and guide plate of the chain saw. It is mainly installed near the front handle and is sometimes used as a lever for chain brakes.

The guide plate, also known as the chain plate, is a solid track structure used to support and conduct the saw chain. Before use, check the wear of the guide groove, repair and replace it in time.
Oil pump-manual or automatic pump oil, used for guide plate and saw chain refueling device; the fuel supply must be checked before use, the fuel supply should be adjusted in time, and the fuel should be replaced in time.
The saw chain is provided with a chain for cutting wood blades, which is set on the guide plate; check the wear of the saw chain before use; repair the chain in time; check and adjust the tension of the saw chain in time.
Cutting teeth-used to support the sharp teeth of the chain saw during cutting or cross-cutting, and to maintain position during the cutting process. Switch-a device that opens or closes the electric saw motor circuit during operation.

The self-locking button of the electric saw is also called the safety button. This button is used to prevent accidental switching operations and is one of the safety functions of the electric saw. The guide head baffle can be connected to an attachment on the tip of the guide to prevent the saw chain of the guide head from hitting the wood; a term safety function.
The hall element of the chainsaw mainly plays the role of speed measurement in the chainsaw. The hall element of the chainsaw uses advanced smos technology, which has higher magnetic induction and a wide range of voltage tolerance. The hall switch of the chainsaw can also be used in different The place of application will be different. The Hall switch of the chainsaw generally uses a bipolar latch type Hall element, which is particularly stable and is often used in motor measurement.

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