What is Harvester Chain?

If you're looking for a chain for your harvester that will last for years, you've come to the right place. The Oregon Harvester Chain is an aggressive and durable chain for mechanized timber harvesters. Oregon 11H chain is a great choice for professionals who use mechanical harvester heads with 3/4" diameter and 122" lengths. It is made of USA patented OCS-01 steel and is specifically designed for woodcutters.

A high-quality harvester chain will last a long time and will help ensure that your harvester's cutting efficiency remains high. The best chain for harvesters is made from durable alloy steel and has a semi-chisel design. The chain is also designed for high-speed cutting, with an increased kerf width and enhanced multi-layer chrome plating for increased durability and wear resistance.

Using a chain with heavy loads can cause a number of problems, including chain shot. Chain shot occurs when a chain breaks at a high rate of speed, causing severe injury or death. Most often, chain shot happens near the drive end of the cutting system, but it can also happen at the bar tip area. According to industry research, one in every 50 chains that break have some part missing.

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