What do I need to know to start a chain saw operation?

Chain saw start
1. Put the mixed oil with a good ratio into the gasoline tank, then put the chain smooth oil into the oil tank, and be sure to tighten the lid firmly. Note: There is a mark under the fuel tank cap, which is generally larger than the engine fuel tank cap. 
2. Toggle the circuit switch to turn on the circuit. Note: The status of the domestic chain saw circuit switch has the "STOP" disconnection mark. Generally, dial upwards to connect the circuit; dial downwards to disconnect the circuit.
3. Hold the trigger control arm, press the lock button on the front, and then release the trigger to make it in the starting position. 
4. Pull out the damper lever to close the damper. Note: Please put the air door in the "open" position during hot start. 
5. Please firmly hold the front handle of the machine with your left hand, step on the bottom of the first handle with your foot, hold the starting handle with your right hand, and pull the starting rope. When the engine is turned on and turned off, push the damper lever back. Note: After pulling, do not suddenly let go to avoid damaging the cover.
6. Pull the starting handle again to start the machine. 
7. Turn off the chain saw. Release the trigger and let the engine idle for a few minutes. Turn the switch to disconnect the circuit.


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