What are the small knowledge of chain?

Let's see how to check? Using a chain checker to check is the most convenient and accurate. In principle, if the chain checker is stuck on the chain, one side of the chain checker is 31.75px more than the chain connection part, it means that the chain is 0.5% longer than the new chain, 0.5% is the wear limit of the chain, if it is 50px more, A new chain is strongly recommended. If the chain is attached with a velcro, then we will now use the winding velcro to remove the pliers. Just put the pliers on the velcro and break the chain with a "snap", which is convenient and quick. As for chains without Velcro, this time, you have to use a chain cutter. Here we go briefly, find the connection point of the chain, clamp the chain cutter on the pin, turn the handle to push the pin out, being careful not to tilt the top. Of course, the new chain must have a clean cassette. A clean drivetrain can make the car smoother and also check if the flywheel needs replacing.

Often, a new chain needs to be cut to fit your car. There are various methods on the Internet. The chain manufacturers here recommend our common method: hang the chain on the big plate and the big fly, and reserve 4 sections at the connection. As for how to put the chain back on, the principle is the same as removing the chain. If there is a Velcro, tighten the Velcro. If you don't have a velcro, just use a chain cutter to push the pins back. After installing the chain, don't forget to use lubricating oil. Chain oil can reduce the friction of the chain and prolong the service life of the chain!

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