What are the reasons for the high oil consumption of chainsaws and how to eliminate them?


Reasons for high oil consumption of chainsaws and troubleshooting methods

1. The carburetor leaks oil

The reasons for the oil spill and how to eliminate it are described above.

2. The air volume holes of each oil system are partially blocked

Reason: Partial blockage of the air metering holes in each oil system will cause the carburetor to supply fuel to a high concentration and increase fuel consumption.

Elimination method: Clean according to the aforementioned carburetor cleaning method.

3. The starter enrichment device is not closed tightly

The reasons for the lax shutdown of the starter enrichment device and the troubleshooting methods are described above.

4. The outer diameter of the main oil needle is reduced due to wear, and the main nozzle hole is too large due to wear

Reason: The above-mentioned parts and components are worn out due to long-term high-speed scouring of impurities contained in gasoline during use, which reduces the outer diameter of the main fuel needle and the main nozzle hole is too large, resulting in an increase in fuel supply and fuel consumption.

Remedy: Replace with a new measuring hole.


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