What are the precautions for the maintenance of the chain saw head?

There are certain precautions for the maintenance of the head of the chain saw. Doing good maintenance work can protect the guide plate of the chain saw, so that the chain saw can operate better and complete the work smoothly and safely. Before using the chain saw to saw the chain, work should be carried out after the chain oil is thrown out, and should be soaked in the oil bowl after the work is completed. During the working process, attention should be paid to the change of cutting chips. When the saw teeth are not sharp, a special file should be used to rest the cutting teeth of the saw chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth. The correct operation method is: set the tooth in the direction of the cutting tooth, and only set the tooth in the direction of the tooth. Never pull it back. The optimal angle between the file and the chain saw chain is 30 °. Larger will make the chain saw chain more blunt, and the angle is too small, it will cause a situation that is not durable, so the angle must be grasped, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the chain saw chain and the guide plate. In addition, to protect the guide head, the chain oil must be used properly. Saw chain oil is to provide lubricating oil and reduce the frictional heat of the saw chain and the saw blade head during the cutting process of the saw chain and the wood, so as to protect the saw chain guide. Before working, check whether the chain saw chain oil has been filled enough. After turning on the machine, the chain saw oil should be thrown out before starting work. The chain saw chain that lacks oil refining will be annealed at high temperatures during operation, causing the chain saw chain to be prematurely scrapped and also causing the chain saw guide. Or even shorten the service life of the chain saw. Guide bar laminated bar 4 or 6 rivets
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