What are the maintenance techniques for gasoline chain saw products?

Maintenance skills of gasoline chain saw products:

Always ensure that the saw chain is lubricated. The lubrication of the saw chain and guide plate is extremely important for the use of a chain saw. The technician said that a small amount of lubricating oil must be thrown out of the saw chain all the time, and do not work without lubrication of the saw chain. If the saw chain runs dry, the cutting tool will soon be damaged and can no longer be repaired. Therefore, be sure to check the lubrication of the saw chain and the amount of lubricating oil in the oil tank before starting work.
In order to obtain automatic and reliable lubrication of the saw chain and guide plate, technicians recommend the use of high-quality saw chain and guide plate lubricants with low environmental pollution, such as lubricants with strong anti-aging ability and rapid biodegradation. If the anti-aging ability is low, the lubricating oil is easy to be resinous, and it will form hard deposits that are difficult to remove, especially on the saw chain transmission parts, clutches and on the saw chain. In severe cases, the oil pump will be blocked. In addition, do not use waste lubricating oil. Waste lubricating oil does not have the required lubricating ability, and repeated contact with waste lubricating oil may cause skin cancer, and waste lubricating oil can also damage the environment.
Fill the saw chain lubricating oil every time you refuel. It must be ensured that every time the fuel runs out, there is still a little remaining lubricating oil in the saw chain lubricating oil tank. If the amount of oil in the lubricating oil tank does not decrease, it may be caused by the blockage of the lubricating oil passage. At this time, check the lubrication of the saw chain, clean the oil circuit, and ask the service dealer for help if necessary.
For newly delivered machinery, avoid unnecessary high-load operations during the running-in period. Therefore, do not perform high-speed idling before the first three tanks of fuel are used up. Since the moving parts must run-in with each other during the running-in period, there is greater frictional resistance in the short cylinder during this period. The engine reaches its maximum power after approximately 5 to 15 tanks of oil have been used up. During the normal operation of the chain saw, do not adjust the oil mixture ratio too low in order to significantly increase the power, which may damage the engine.
In addition, always check the tension of the saw chain. Compared with saw chains that have been in use for a long time, new saw chains need to be tightened more frequently. Generally in the cold state, the saw chain is engaged on the lower side of the guide plate but can still be pulled along the guide plate by hand, indicating that the tension is correct. After reaching the operating temperature, the saw chain expands and begins to relax. Do not allow the drive chain link on the lower side of the guide plate to come out of the guide groove, otherwise the saw chain will fall off. Tighten the saw chain again if necessary. When the temperature drops, the saw chain shrinks. Adjust the saw chain at this time, otherwise the crankshaft and bearings will be damaged.
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