What are the instructions for the sequence of saw chain teeth?

Saw chains have three different tooth sequences:

Standard tooth sequence: one connecting piece and one blade, the number of teeth is the largest among the three tooth sequences, which can maintain smooth and fast cutting. Typically used for short or medium length guides.
Half-jump teeth: The saw chain blade mode is alternately ordered with one connecting piece and one blade, and two connecting pieces and one blade. Between standard jump and full jump teeth.
Full jump teeth: Each blade is connected by two connecting pieces, and the number of blades is half of the standard jump teeth. This full-jump saw chain is usually those times with long guide bars for cutting large soft trees. By reducing the blade and improving the removal of wood chips when cutting,
For long, deep cuts, this will improve its performance. Another benefit is that it takes less time to sharpen the tool compared to other chains. Its disadvantages include easy vibration, not suitable for short cuts, and high risk of kickback.
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