What are the daily knowledge of chain saw chain?

Chain saw chain is an indispensable part of chain saw. If there is no chain saw chain, the chain saw cannot work and cannot be called a saw. It is just an engine, but some users don't know much about chain saw chains. To this end, we will give you a brief introduction! The chain saw chain is composed of left cutting teeth, right cutting teeth, middle guide teeth (also called driving teeth) connecting pieces, and rivets. The chain saw chain is represented by Latin letters and Arabic numerals. Due to the different countries and manufacturers, the meanings of each letter and number are different. However, they all indicate the pitch, the thickness of the middle guide tooth, the shape of the cutting tooth, and For safety, wear reduction and other characteristic symbols of some variation.





The repair of the chain saw chain is also very important. The left and right cutting teeth on the chain saw chain are cutting tools. After a period of use, the edges will become dull. In order to cut smoothly and keep the edges sharp, it is necessary to repair the file.
1. Choose a round file suitable for the saw chain. Different types of saw chains have different cutting teeth, sizes and arcs. The round file standard required for each chain is determined. There is a detailed introduction in the manual. Please check.
2. Pay attention to the direction and angle of filing. The file should be trimmed forward in the direction of the cutting edge. When pulling back, handle it gently, and try not to pull it back and forth with force. These angles vary according to the hardness of the sawn timber and the usage habits of the saw. At the same time, pay attention to the symmetry of the left and right incisors. If the deviation is too large, the sawing will deviate and the sawing will be inclined. three. Pay attention to the height of the limit tooth. There is a protruding part in front of each cutting tooth, which is the limit tooth. The cutting amount of each tooth is too thick. Pay attention to the height of the blade when trimming. If the cutting edge is repaired too much, the limit tooth will be higher than the cutting edge, and the cutting amount will be smaller each time, thus affecting the cutting speed. If the cutting edge is lower than the limit tooth, the cutting speed will be reduced and it is impossible to cut without wood. The limit tooth file is too low, and the cutting thickness of each tooth is too thick, which may cause the "knife" and the saw will not move.

The chain saw chain can be used to saw wood, which is quick and easy to use. Everyone knows that there is a chain on the chain saw. The chain can be said to be the key part of the chain saw.
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