Three Common Reasons for Tight Adjustment of Electric Saw Chains

For the electric saw chain, if you do not understand maintenance knowledge and adjust it yourself, you may accidentally tighten the chain. This is a vague concept, only knowing that chain adjustment is within the scope of maintenance, and not knowing how to adjust it is the correct standard. (2) Due to severe wear and tear on the toothed disc chain, but time or economy do not allow it, or if a toothed disc of the same model cannot be purchased at the time, the chain will be tightened and not forced to use. (3) During replacement, the chain suddenly tightened and loosened. During inspection and adjustment, one end of the loose chain happened to be too tight, while the other end was too tight.

No matter which of the above reasons causes the chain adjustment to be too tight, the service life of the chain and toothed disc will be greatly reduced. When the chain is adjusted too tightly in chain production, due to the increased contact pressure with the toothed disc, the chain is prone to elongation, the chain link plate is prone to deformation or breakage, and the chain rollers will also be broken as a result. In addition, the tooth disc may also deform and tip prematurely due to wear, and in severe cases, it may appear serrated.

In addition, if the chain is adjusted too tightly, it will also damage the secondary shaft bearings and needle rollers (bushings), and the service life of the rear wheel buffer bearings will be greatly shortened as a result. The main reason for this situation is that after the chain is tightened, a large mandatory restraining torque is formed between the secondary shaft and the rear wheel buffer body. Under the influence of this torque, the working characteristics of the bearing are damaged, and the force on one side is relatively large, which is prone to heating and damage.
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