Operating rules for the safe use of chain saws

1. Wear work clothes and corresponding labor protection products as required, such as helmets, protective glasses, gloves, work shoes, etc., and wear brightly colored vests 2. The engine should be turned off during machine transportation. 3. The engine must be shut down before refueling. When the engine has no fuel in operation, it should be stopped for 15 minutes, and then refuel after the engine cools down. 4. Check the operation safety status before starting. 5. When starting, keep a distance of more than three meters from the refueling location. Do not use it in a closed room. 6. Do not smoke while using the machine or near the machine to prevent fire. 7. When working, be sure to hold the machine with two hands. You must stand firm and pay attention to the danger of slipping. China saw chains manufacturers
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