Knowledge on how to use chainsaw to fell trees?

The chain saw was invented in 1926, which greatly saves the time and manpower spent on cutting materials. The chain saws produced by Shanghai Youtuo are among the top brands of chain saws in China, and the products are all equipped with the top domestic configuration. Before the invention of the chainsaw, logging was one of the most tiring jobs. Northeast China has always had a saying of the "Four Great Tireds", which includes pulling the big saw. For the "Four Great Tireds", the chainsaw should be one of the four great saviors.

1. When sawing a tree, first look at the center of gravity of the tree, grasp the direction of the tree falling, and cut the slices.
2. According to the different tree species, in order to prevent the trees from splitting, the ears should be hung first.
3. The upper edge of the saw edge is higher than the lower edge of the saw edge to prevent the roots of the trees from kicking off the hall.
4. Trees that are too inclined can only hang the ears in the opposite direction to prevent the trees from turning their backs.
5. When going down, cut through two-thirds of the center point, and then cut the saw from the bottom up or nail a wedge in the upper saw.

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