What is the storage method for chainsaws that have not been used for a long time?

How to store chainsaws when they are not used for a long time

1. Thoroughly clean the entire chain saw, especially the cylinder heat sink and air filter of the chain saw, and wipe the surface of the chain saw with a cloth moistened with oil.
2. Put the chain saw to empty the fuel tank in a ventilated place and clean it.
3. Drain the chain saw carburetor, otherwise the pump film of the chain saw carburetor will stick, which will affect the next start. 4. Empty the fuel in the fuel tank of the chain saw, then start the chain saw engine, and let the chain saw engine work until it automatically turns off.
5. Remove the saw chain and guide plate of the chain saw, clean and inspect, and spray with protective oil.
6. Fill the chain saw chain lubricating oil tank.
7. Remove the spark plug of the chainsaw, and pour a little engine oil into the cylinder. After pulling the engine 2-3 times with the chain saw starting rope, install the chain saw spark plug, and pull the chain saw starting rope again to stop it at the position where it feels strong (compression top dead center).
8. Place the chain saw engine in a dry and well-ventilated location, away from heat sources or open flames.
9. The chain saw should be kept in a dry and safe place to prevent the use of unrelated persons (such as children).
10. If the chain saw is not used for a long time, use a brush to clean the chain of the chain saw, and then place it in the oil pool for safekeeping.
The maintenance of the chain saw during use is directly related to the service life of the chain saw.
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